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Reseller Hosting

A hosting reseller service is a possibility for the ordinary user to generate money on the Internet by selling the web space furnished by some web host. Most commonly, the hosting suppliers provide white label hosting reseller solutions, which denotes that the users sell the hosting plans under their own personal brand name. How it is all rendered feasible and what the separate varieties of reseller accounts are, you will uncover in this article.

How does reseller hosting operate and what are the different reseller hosting types?

The manner in which reseller web hosting functions is dependent on the approach of the web hosting provider, which provides the web hosting service. The most popular type of reseller web hosting account is the cPanel/WHM one. With it, you allot the server hard drive storage space, which your reseller account providers, between your clients utilizing the Web Host Manager Control Panel. With it, you may set up different hosting plans and cPanel hosting accounts for your clients. With such a web hosting program, the reseller needs to take care of the billing and technical support provision. However, this too is determined by the approach of the hosting company. A different variety of reseller hosting program is the Free Reseller Program offered by ResellersPanel. With it, you designate your own retail prices for the offered hosting packages, and for every deal that you generate, the chaps at ResellersPanel.com will provide you with a commission, which is essentially the difference between the retail and the wholesale prices. With this reseller web hosting solution, Resellers Panel provides technical support to the end clients, which may be very useful if you do not wish to get completely engrossed in the hosting reseller business. By all means, there might be various variations, but in the majority of instances, you pay a monthly fee for a given data storage space, which you need to separate between your customers.

What sorts of web hosting services can be resold via a reseller hosting account?

The standard reseller web hosting service merely allows the resellers to resell shared hosting accounts. That's only because the majority of reseller web hosting accounts are essentially shared hosting accounts, which have more features. Just like with a shared web hosting server, the majority of hosting firms providing a cPanel/WHM reseller program have multiple reseller hosting accounts using one and the very same server. This is why, the resellers are not bestowed with complete server root access to the server config files, which suggests that the only web hosting service that they may offer are shared web hosting plans. This, however, applies solely to the cPanel/WHM-driven reseller hosting solutions and once again, it depends on the approach that the web hosting firm has adopted toward these services. If the reseller has a bigger allowance, he can offer various solutions like virtual private web server packages or dedicated server accounts under his very own private brand name and make more clients interested in the hosting solutions that he is offering. Certainly, it will imply that the reseller will need to cope with the customer support provision, because no hosting packages provider will wish to provide technical support to the end customers of such a service. Another way to provide more than just average shared web hosting plans is to sign up with the aforementioned Free Reseller Program, which Resellers Panel has set up. With it, the resellers are able to sell Virtual Private Servers, semi-dedicated web hosting packages and dedicated web hosting plans, together with shared packages, without the need to buy any of the hosting services beforehand. This is the easiest and safest way to sell hosting plans online, as it requires no upfront installments and you don't need to be technically experienced, since you won't get caught up in providing customer and billing support. Depending on the hosting vendor's policy, there might be other additional hosting solutions, which the web hosting reseller may offer, like domain name registrations, SSLs, domain name Whois privacy protection services, and so on. Hence, before signing up for anything, one should first ascertain what precisely the reseller hosting account of the given web hosting distributor is offering.

"Which hosting vendor should I settle on?"

There is quite an easy answer to that inquiry. When choosing a web hosting package, it's invariably preferable to choose an established provider, which has been functioning for a few years, and which delivers web hosting solutions around the world. Such hosting companies can be easily identified by the manner in which they are supplying their web hosting packages. An experienced hosting company will not merely provide well-balanced hosting and reseller hosting plans, but it will also offer functionalities that are uniquely theirs and that separate them from all the other hosting companies. For instance, ResellersPanel has not simply created a one-of-a-kind reseller program where you don't have to pay in order to resell their web hosting services, but ResellersPanel has also contrived its very own personal web hosting CP. The quality of the personnel that works for a certain web hosting provider is quite important and exerts a huge effect on the quality of the web hosting services that are being delivered, while custom-developed functionalities certify that the provider has able, trained developers. The quality of the service makes a difference when you're registering for a reseller hosting account. It's much easier to transfer one website than to transfer a few client accounts, if you ever deem it mandatory to swap the reseller web hosting firm. So, one should choose attentively before putting their trust in a specific hosting corporation.

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